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Urgent ODFW Hunting News

Currently, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) is in the process of updating some Big Game Hunting Regulations.  There are multiple changes being proposed to Traditional Only Archery Seasons.  Here is a quick summary of what is being proposed:




  • Canyon Creek Archery Area is Traditional only for the first week of Archery Season

  • Trout Creek Mountains is Traditional Only for all of archery season with unlimited tags



ODFW Proposal


  • Eliminate the Traditional Only aspect of the Canyon Creek Archery Area

  • Eliminate Unlimited Tags in Trout Creek Mountains Traditional Season and limit it to 300 tags

  • Create a new Traditional Only Season in the North Fork of the John Day Wilderness Area for five days with a limit of 50 tags following the general archery season

  • Create two new Traditional Only Hunts (one deer and one elk) on the westside to be determined at next year's Commission Meetings.



TAO Proposal


  • Make Canyon Creek Archery Area Traditional Only for the entire four weeks of the general archery season

  • Make Trout Creek Mountains a general tag but limit the weapon to Traditional Only

  • Agree with the proposed new hunt in the North Fork of the John Day Wilderness.

  • Agree with the two new proposed westside hunts



At the moment, ODFW is holding public meetings around the state to get opinions from the community.   Please try to attend one of your local ODFW meetings to show support for the historic Canyon Creek Archery Area. They are coming up quick around the state. See the ODFW  public meetings schedule HERE.



You can also contact your commissioners by email to let them know your thoughts. 

Send to:



Michael Finley, Commission Chair

Jim Biddle, Commissioner

Gregory Wooley, Commissioner

Robert Spelbrink, Commissioner

Bruce Buckmaster, Commissioner

Mark Labhart, Commissioner

Mary Wahl, Commissioner

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