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Bowhunter Education Program

N.B.E.F., Comprised of state, provincial and national bowhunting organizations, works on behalf of current and
future generations of bowhunters to promote, preserve and defend the ideals of bowhunting.

Pope & Young Club

The Pope & Young Club is a non-profit, charitable, membership-based organization whose mission is to ensure
bowhunting existence for future generations by promoting and protecting our rich bowhunting heritage and values.

Professional Bowhunters Society

For over a quarter of a century, the Professional Bowhunters Society has been at the forefront in the perpetuation
of bowhunting. No other single organization has contributed as much in time, effort, and resources in defending
bowhunters and bowhunting

Idaho Traditional Bowhunters

Preserving and promoting traditional bowhunting in Idaho

Traditional Bowhunters of Washington

Promoting the use of traditional equipment for bowhunting and archery

Rocky Mountain Longbow Association

The Rocky Mountain Longbow Association is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of traditional archery.
Our primary focus is to promote the use of the longbow, in club activities (3D shoots) and Rocky Mountain
Longbow Association sanctioned shoots such as the North American Longbow Safari (N.A.L.S.)

Traditional Archers of California

Traditional Archers of California (TAC) is a state-wide traditional archeryclub. With over 150 members throughout the state,

our goal is to promote and perpetuate the sport of traditional archery. We are affiliated with the National Field Archery Association

(NFAA) and California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA).

Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Focusing on the promotion and preservation of the use of traditional equipment, Compton Traditional Bowhunters maintains a world wide membership which is leading the way to secure the future of traditional archery and bowhunting.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

ODFW Controlled Hunt Info, Draw Results, and Mandatory Reporting

Use this link to check controlled hunt results and submit mandatory hunter reporting. Have your License # or Hunter I.D. # ready.

ODFW On-Line License Sales

ODFW accepts VISA and MasterCard to pay for licenses and related documents. A list of frequently asked questions is available on the ODFW Web site

ODFW Oregon Hunting Access Map


Locate places to hunt on public lands such as National Wildlife Refuges and State Wildlife Areas. It is useful for locating private lands where ODFW has cooperative agreements to provide hunting access.

How to build your own backyard archery range

Traditional archery forum

The Leatherwall

Traditional archery forum

Trad Gang


Traditional archery forum



Oregon traditional archery forum

TradQuest Podcast


A Traditional Bowhunting Podcast

Write to the Oregon Legislature

Send a message to your State Senator or State Representative. You will be automatically matched to either your State Senator or your State Representative.

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