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The Traditional Archers of Oregon relies on affiliate clubs to promote traditional archery at the local level throughout the state. These clubs often hold small archery events on a regular basis, so look into contacting your nearest TAO affiliate club to discover more opportunity for archery camaraderie. 

Black Rose Traditional Archers  - Portland, OR

A group of traditional bowhunters formed to promote traditional archery and to oppose technological advances that would detract from bowhunting as a primitive sport.

  • Provides training for all those interested in traditional archery hunting, techniques, marksmanship, safety and ethics.

  • Foster, expand and perpetuate the use of traditional equipment in bowhunting as well as protect and improve the privileges of traditional bowhunting.

  • Promote traditional archery and bowhunting with all government agencies, sportsman's groups and conservation agencies.

Email: Roger Sherman

Eagle Cap Traditional Archers - La Grande & N.E. Oregon

Eagle Cap Traditional Archers, based in La Grande, Oregon, is comprised of a small but, ambitious group of individuals dedicated to preserving and promoting the future of traditional archery as a true art form. ECTA promotes traditional archery and bow hunting as a sport the whole family will want to be involved in by:


  • Hosting the Rendezvous at the River 3-D Shoot in June

  • Hosting their Annual Youth Outdoor Day in June

  • Generating interest in traditional archery with The Bent Shaft newsletter and Eagle Cap Traditional Archers website.

Email: Steve Campbell

Stott Mountain Traditional Archers - Dallas, OR


Stott Mountain is comprised of a dedicated group of Traditional Archers from the Marion/Polk County area and was formed shortly after T.A.O became an official entity. It is named not only for the hunting unit that many of us live in but also for Stott Mountain itself. Many of us have pursued giant Roosevelt bulls (some we had named), right to the very tiptop of Stott Mountain.

Stott Mountain Traditional Archers take fair chase and ethical hunting as their number one rule. It is not about taking game but, how it is accomplished. We promote this type of behavior both on and off the field so-to-speak which means we have been involved in many local conservation/habitat projects over the years. For example, we have been involved with S.T.E.P (Salmon Trout Enhancement Program) since its inception. This program has "hatch-boxed" millions of salmon and steelhead over the years which are released into local streams in the fry stage, returning later for the enjoyment of all sportsmen and their families. We are less concerned about notoriety and more concerned with just getting something done that needs doing. We also stay in flux with and keep our members informed about local politics concerning the outdoor world.

The second priority of the club is to promote "Real Fun", amongst "Real People", using "Real Bows". Beginning in May, we meet very Wednesday evening for B.B.Q and shooting our lips off. This is done right up until archery season opens, then after as long as the weather holds. The club has various hunting escapades including an annual rabbit hunt in the spring to eastern Oregon.

Email: Seth Reimer

The Adventurous Bowmen

Brothers and sisters of the stick and string, standing united in nurturing and growing the tradition of archery in its purest form.

We meet monthly to expand our knowledge of traditional archery technique, encouragement, instruction, arrow flinging, story swapping, and a monthly participatory prize raffle/fundraiser. We also have a yearly club barbeque/potluck at the Pope Young Shoot in Brownsville, OR, and our Annual summer barbeque/potluck/3D-shoot at a member’s home.

“Passing on traditional archery heritage and knowledge in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon and beyond.”

Email: Ron Pereira

Traditional Archers of Central Oregon - Bend/Redmond/Prineville, OR

If you’re looking for quiet, TACO is probably not for you. This boisterous group of archers is dedicated to fostering a festive atmosphere that celebrates the joys of camaraderie around a passion for the traditional bow.

Each June, TACO hosts the STICK & SAGE 3-D Shoot which includes the World Championship Milk Jug Competition.

The FAMILY ARCHERY CLASS is a TACO sponsored program to introduce families to the sport of traditional archery. Members volunteer as instructors and work individually with both parents and children to perfect their shooting skills.

Wednesdays are TRADITIONAL NIGHT at the Bend Bowmen indoor range. This is a non-competitive 3-D shoot and potluck with participation open to everyone.

Email: Stan Gofinch

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